Sea Tooz

Themed temporary tattooz for tourists
that love all things ocean!

Proudly Made in the USA



wholesale temporary tattooz brands
by angel toes inc.

Sea Tooz, Body Surf, Zoo Tooz, Tot Tooz, Timbertooz and Tatz Temporary Tattoos all MADE IN THE USA


  • Popular @ Aquariums, Turtle Hospitals, Boardwalks, Zoos, Sea life centers, Candy Stores, Fishing Piers, Hotel Pools, Nature centers, Educational Field Trips.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Hypo-allergenic / Non-toxic / Waterproof / and SAFE.
  • Family Friendly- FRESH ART!
  • Affordable! Moms buy multiple. (less than a soda!) 
  • Large Margins for Retailers and VERY Small Cost per Square Foot.


Sea Life

Jellyfish, dolphins, manatees and more


Frogs, flowers, fish bones

And more…

Anchors, alligators and tons of turtles

Temporary Tatooz


The displays make the magic. Customizable for your retail needs, our compact displays promote an amazing cost per square foot for this high margin impulse product.

Eco Friendly Displays

Hand-made and hand-painted to look sea salt weathered.  Color pale blue with moss hues.   Made in USA

Acrylic Spinners

Double-Side acrylic displays hold twice as many tattoos for an amazing cost per square foot and variety. Choose  the tall Tower or Standard spinner model.  The color is lime yellow with an eye catching polished edge Customizable display. Made in USA.

Single Sided Acrylic Displays

Single-Side acrylic displays are customizable. Choose a header sticker and any formation of pegs to hold  tattoos and armbands.  Made in USA.

“Our guests and customers love the fact that they can inexpensively change their tattoos on a whim, over and over again and have so many unique designs to choose from.  What a great option while at the beach!

We love that as well as the fact that they are made in the USA and the friendly, professional and prompt service provided by the staff at Angeltoes make doing business so pleasant.  Thank you to the people at Angel Toes Inc. for Sea Tooz Temporary Tattoos!” 
Wanda Guy

Retail Merchandise Manager, Sheraton Sand Key Resort Clearwater Beach, FL

Tattooz Gallery

Browse our selection of temporary tattooz for the whole family.

Our products are 
Hypo-allergenic / Non-toxic / Waterproof / and SAFE.  
Browse through our gallery below. Click on an image for a larger view.

“Children and adults love the Sea Tooz tattoos! They can take home a memory of our aquarium with each sea life tattoo. These are fun and affordable!  The displays are great for the small footprint of space and profitability. The  artwork is awesome and ever changing with new ideas. Customer service is very efficient and fast too!” 

Manager / Buyer

The Estuarium Gift Shop, The Dauphin Island Sea Lab

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